1200 miles for 11 meters long boat to sail

In Iceland many boats  have so sail from the south to the North and the east of Iceland,

the boats do this mainly in may , and in the autumn every year

this distance is about 350 miles to sail, and can take up to 40 hours to sail

Trawlers from Iceland also go to fish in the Barents sea and that is about 1200 miles trip and that trip can take about 4 days to sail

In Norway is a 11 meters long boat that name is Coygfisk JR R-14-S

this boat is fishing with gilnet

but what is most surprising about this boat, is that the boat is fishing from Senja in the North of Norway

but the owner live in Stavanger that is in the south of Norway

Distance between this 2 place is long,

it takes 3,5 hours to flight

if you drive it is about 2100 km and takes about 30 hours to drive

and in the few time they sail this long way on the 11 meter long boat this is about 1200 miles trip

and with the boat sailing about 7 miles per hour, then this trip takes 7 days to sail,

The crew of the boat lives in the boat when they are fishing in the North and also they have place to go in Senja, 

And when they go home they leave the boat in the north, so they dont have to sail this way so often

Coygfisk Pic Philippe Variot

Long way.  

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