15 tons boat in huge fishing last days of 2017

Gylfi is a captain of the boat Tryggvi Eðvarðs SH from Rif in Snæfellsnes in Iceland.  Gylfi is only 27 years old and he and him and the crew of the boat Tryggvi Eðvarðs SH has been fishing relay well now in the autumn .

They ended up very well in 2017.

because on the 29 desember they came twice to harbour with full load in boat trips.  Tryggvi Eðvarðs SH is 15 tons boat and is fishing in line with linebalas

Gylfi said in a conversation with Aflafrettir.is that they first went out with 36 bala and had 12.5 tonnes of bale or 347 kilograms of bala.

instead of landing with these 12.5 tons and have this 12,5 tons the final landing in the year 2017 

but no, they landed and took 48 bals with them and went back on the same day south of Malarrif

and landed late in the evening with fullness and well. because of the boat came 17.4 tonnes, still after revival, the total capacity was 16.7 tonnes. The ice  percentage was 4.75%

The boat was well-won by this catch, and the average number of offspring is one of 347 kilograms or less than the previous one.

In total the boat was with 29,2 tons in one day of this 2 trips.  

Prices in fish markets were pretty good between Christmas and New Year, and the value for the fish this one day was almost 8 millon kronas 

that is over 56.000 pounds for one day

ore 620.000 norsk kronas for one day.

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Tryggvi Eðvarðs SH pic Magnús Þór Hafsteinsson