16 crew member missing after Onega sank

There have been quite a number of vessels fishing in the Barnetssea and one of the vessels that have been fishing there

is the Russian boat Onega. Onega went to sea from Kirkenes in Norway on December 14 and was fishing near Novaya Zemlya

in Arkhangelsk. The weather there had become very bad and extremely cold.

At around 05:30 this morning, the Norwegian Coast Guard received a report that Onega had sunk there.

Immediately, 5 fishing vessels that were nearby went to the scene and managed to save two of the boat's crew.

one crewmember was found dead but 16 people are still missing, but a 19-man crew was on board the boat,

Onega was a boat that was built in 1979 and was 39.5 meters long and 7.5 meters wide.

It is believed that heavy icing caused the boat to go to the side and sink in a very short time.

about 30 degrees below zero is there in the area where the boat sank

Onega pic bairdmaritime.com