1,6 million tons in Norway 2020

Happy new year 2021 jahú hehehhehe

now when the year 2020 is over, then we can look at the pelagic fishing in Iceland, Norway and The Faroe Islands.

Start with Norway which is that biggest fishing country in Europe.

The year 2020 was good for the pelagic fishing and total fishing was 1,6 million tons .

of that was most fish of herring.  571.000 tons.

of that was herring that was fish in the nord sea about 140.000 tons.

fishing of blue whiting was total of 366.000 tons.

mackerel fishing was total of  338.000 tons.

 Boats from other country's

But have in mind that this number are not all from just boats from Norway.  

because many boats like from the UK, Scotland,  Ireland, Denmark and Russia came with this to Norway

Ship from Denmark came with total of 16.000 tons and of that Gitte Henning was with 9577 tons,

 Ship from UK with the most fishing in Norway

Ship from the UK came with total of 116.000 tons 

3 ships from the UK did fish over 10.000 tons in Norway.

Charisma was with 10304 tons in 9 trips

Research 12509 tons in 12 trips

Ocean Star 16608 tons in 19 trips

From Ireland was total of 8408 tons

Ships from Iceland was with 7402 tons, and of that MArgrét EA was with 6498 tons of herring

From Russia was 6937 tons

and from Sweden 5460 tons

Ligrunn H-2-F was number one in Norway with the most fishing.

total of 42048 tons in 53 trips.  of that was 13750 tons of tobis and 10844 tons of blue whiting.,

Gerda Marie H-365-AV was number 2 with 38687 tons in 34 trips.

Cetus R-1-K was number 3 with 30622 tons in 36 trips

Heröyfjord M-21-HÖ was number 4 with 27995 tons in 29 trips

and Harvest H-1-AV was number 5 with 27232 tons in 26 trips

Ligrunn Pic Endre J Eidesvik