2 new pelagic ships to Iceland

in Iceland there are now total of around 15 pelagic ships.

Now have 2 new pelagic ship arrived in Iceland after been build in Karstensens shipyard in Poland and finish in Danmark

These 2 ships have the name Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA and Börkur NK.

Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA came first around 2 months ago and he has fish now total of 12600 tons of blue whiting.

of that around 9000 tons have been landed in Skagen in Denmark.

The other ship Börkur NK came new to Iceland early in Juni and came with 705 tons of blue whiting in his first fishing trip and there with blue whiting.

Both ships are similar.

They are both 88,2 meters long and 16,6 meters wide.

Both are 4200 tons in size

The engines are 2 in both ships and in total they are 9248 bhp.  

Engine are from Roll Royce and each engine is 4624 bhp.

Both ships have also auxiliaries engines and they are from Mitsubishi, one engine is 1156 bhp and the other is 204 bhp

Both ships can carry up to 3200 tons in one trip

Estimated speed is 17 knots and accommodations is for 12 crew members

Börkur NK pic Þorgeir Baldursson

Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA pic Ólafur Óskar Stefánsson