20.000 tons from 2 trawlers in Iceland

This fishing year 2018 has been relay good for trawlers in Iceland, and for the freezer trawlers it has been relay good

But the freezer trawlers in ICeland are not so many,  they are only 12, but in total these 12 trawlers has landed 94 thousand tons 

and what is most intersecting   is that now 2 trawlers are close to 10 thousands tons of fish this year,

but the age different between this 2 trawlers is huge

Sólberg ÓF that is only 1 year old trawler and is 70,9 meters long and around 15 meters wide has fish now total of 10060 tons of fish,

and Kleifaberg RE is not so far behind.  this trawler is 44 years old trawler and is build 1974 ,  it is 62 meters long

but this old trawler has fish 9925 tons this year.  

and as can see, Sólberg ÓF that is 1 year old trawler and Kleifaberg RE that is 44 years old trawler has in total landed about 20 thousand tons this year.

Kleifaberg RE Pic Þorgeir Baldursson

Sólberg ÓF pic Haukur Sigtryggur Valdimarsson