29 meters long trawler with over 6000 tons in 2018

In iceland there are in total if about 50 trawlers,  about 20 of them are small trawlers that are maximum 29.99 meters long,

this boats can fish up to 3 miles from land.

most of this small trawlers in Iceland can hold up top 98 tons of fish on one trip,

 Steinunn SF
The  highest in Iceland in the year 2018 was a boat name Steinunn SF from the town of Hornafjörður  

Steinun SF did pretty wll in the year 2018 because in total Steinunn SF fish over 6000 tons 

in total Steinunn SF did 6296 tons in 98 trips.  and that is about 64 tons in one trip,

 Seat  number 2 and 3
After Steinunn SF was  Bergey VE with 5917 tons in 80 trips

and Vestmannaey VE with 5597 tons in 75 trips.

Vestmanney VE And Bergey VE are in the own of same company,

in total this 3 boats that are alls 29 meters long fish total og about 17000 tons,

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Steinunn SF pic Björgvin Rafn Gunnarsson