3 ships from Norway with total of 230.000 tons

Now Aflafrettir.com have all the fishing datas for all the boats in Norway for the year 2019,

and will later tell you how much total fishing was in Norway in the year 2019,

but on the top of the list

are 3 boats that never came to Norway,  but there are Norsk company that owns the boats,

this is Antarctic Sea N-75-VV

Saga Sea N-301-VV

and Antarctic Endurance N-130-VV

all this ships where fishing krill close to the south pole

and that is in a bout 15.000 km distance from Norway

all these ships came to Uruguay to land the fish

But what are they fishing

they are fishing  a tiny species that name is Krill

Krill are small crustaceans and are found in all the world´s oceans.    They are relay small up to 2,4 inches 

Most of the kriss is used for aquaculture and aquarion feed.  also as a bait for sport fishing.

 over 200.000 tons,

 These 3 ships fish total of 237.000 tons,

Antarctic Sea was the highest one with over 100.000 tons.  total of 105,500 tons,

Antarctic Sea is a huge ship over 130 meters longs

Saga Sea was with 91,000 tons,  and  Saga SEa is about 91 meters long

and Antarctic Enrurance was with 40.000 tons  and the ship is about 130 meters long

And that ship is new. was build in the late 2018, and started to fish in 2019

Pic Ultrabarqueros