3 ships with 66.000 tons

There are many boats that are in owns of companies in Norway.

Aker Biomarine Antarctic in Norway has three big ships that all are fishing krill many thousands kilometers from Norway,

These 3 ships are fishing this small fish that is called krill close to the Antarctica

But what is Krill

Krill are small crustaceans,  And are foung in all the world´s oceans.  The name Krill comes from the Norwegian

word krill, meaning " small fry of fish".  

Krill live deeps down in the sea, below 1000 meters.  

and they are small, usually about 2 cm long and can go up to 15 cm long.  

There is a lot of krill in the sea, about 379 million tons.  

Saga SEA N-301-VV is the smallest of these 3 ships , but still the ship is big, it i s 84 meters long 

and has now fish from 1.jan.til 9.march 16.000 tons,

Antarctic Endurance N-130-VVis much bigger, 129,5 meters long and has now fish total of 25.000 tons,

and the biggest ship is Antarctic Sea  N-75-VV that is 134 meters long and has now fish about 25100 tons,

Antarctic Sea Pic Helge Remöy