3 Trawlers with 32,000 tons.

The latest list of freezer trawlers for trawlers in Iceland has now been released and in that can been see that one trawler in 

Iceland has fish over 10.000 tons. That is Sólberg ÓF 

If you look at the trawlers in Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, the situation is such that in total in these 3 country's

that by then three trawlers have exceeded 10 thousand tonnes of catch,

At the top is the Atlantic Star in Norway, which is a fully frozen ship and this ship has a history to Iceland because when it was built

then it was first called Helga RE but was sold to Norway at the end of 1999 and then the ship was lengthened and is now 75 m long, but when 

trawler was build he was 61 meters long

This trawler has now caught a total of 11,495 tonnes in 11 trips  and a maximum of 1401 tonnes in landings.

Atlantic Star movie Eli Poulsen

In second place is Sólberg ÓF from Iceland with 10575 tons in 10 trips and a maximum of 1765 tons in landing, and Sólberg is a fillet freezer trawler,

Sólberg ÓF photo Guðmundur St Valdimarsson

and number 3 is another trawler from Norway called Havstrand and is 69 meters long,

Havstrand has fished a total of 10214 tonnes in 9 trips  and a maximum of 1635 tonnes in one landing. Havstrand is a freezer vessel like the Atlantic Star.

Havstrand photo Ole Kristian Hammero

The highest catch in the Faroe Islands is Akraberg with about 7600 tons.