30 ton boat in Iceland stranded, all 4 crew member got rescued

When sailing to harbor in night captains of the boat and ship have to look at all the instrument that are on the boat to sail 

the right way to the harbour.   most of the boats ship sails after navigation system.

In Iceland now 4.oktober 2020 was a boat name Auður Vésteins SU that is 15 meters long boat, 30 tons in sice, made of plastic

Auður Vésteins was sailing from harbor in Djúpavogur in the east of Iceland and was sailing after the navigation system,

but the navigation system was broken and it show the boat sailing the right way, between all the stones that where in the sea

but the boat was not, and the boat did not sail the right way and ended up by sail on a rock that was under the sea.

The damage was much and on the boat was 4 crew member and they all got rescued in a another boat name Vésteinn GK that is similar boat as Auður Vésteins SU.

A lot of sea went in the front of the boat, and the rescue theam started to town the boat backwards to the town of Djúpivogur

there the boat was lifted on the harbor and the damage is pretty much as can been see in the pics here down 

but all the crew member are ok.

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Pics Vernharður Jósefsson

Pic  rescue team Björg from djúpivogur