4 Norwegian Pelagic ships in Akureyri Iceland

Now i  ICeland are many Pelagic ships from Norway that have come to Iceland to fish Capelin,

and now in the biggest town in the North ICeland.  Akureyri are now 4 ships from Norway,

Gísli Reynisson the owner of Aflafrettir.com is also in AKureyri and he went to the harbours and took pics of them .

the ships that are in Akureyri are this.

Vestviking H-12-AV that is 63 meters long.  with 3260 hp engine and build 1986.

Brennholm H-1-BN that is 75 meters long. with 6870 hp engine and build 2004.

Knester H-58-AV. that is 71 meters long.  with 6120 hp engine and build 2006.

Selvag Senior N-24-ME  that is 67 meters long, with 7500 hp engine and build 1999.

Pic Gísli Reynisson