4 trawlers, with total of 4253 tons of fish

Fishing in Iceland in MArch was good

trawlers where mostly fishing in the south of iceland 

and they had huge fishing.  

in total 4 trawlers did fish over 1000 tons each.  and this is all fresh fish,  not frozen

Viðey RE was number 1 with 1181 tons in 6 trips and most 220 tons,

Viðey RE pic Anna Kristjánsdóttir

but a small trawler name Harðbakur EA that is only 29 meters long was number 2 with 1032 tons in 13 trips

Harðbakur EA pic Hólmgeir Austfjörð

Björgvin EA that is almost 40 years old was number 3 with 1032,1 tons in 8 trips.

Björgvin EA pid Hálfdán ÓSkarsson

and Akurey AK was number 4 with 1008 tons in 6 trips,

Akurey AK pic Siddi Árna