4x Brattholmen and 2x Brattholm.

Inj Norway are almost 5000 boats.

and often it is like some boats have the same name

Here we will look at 6 boats that all have well, almost the same name

4 boats have the name Brattholmen

and 2 boats have the name Brattholm.

If we look at the boats that have the name Brattholmen.  

then we have 4 boats.

Brattholmen F-2-HV,  he was build 2016 and is fishing with seine as the pic show here down below

This year the boat have fish total of 345 tons

Brattholmen pic Geir vinnes

Then we have another Brattholmen,  This is Brattholmen N-34-F and he is 14,74 meters long build 1996 and is fishing with line

Have now fish total of 205 tons this year 2020

Brattholmen N-34-F, Pic Bjoern Hansen

then we have 2 more boats that have this name, but i did not find any pictures of them,

And also both of these boat have not landed any fish this year

This  is Brattholmen T-266-K tnat is 9,4 meters long

And Brattholmen TF-11-T that is the smallest of these boats and also the oldest.  is only 5,3 meters long and build 1970

Then we have 2 boats that have the name Brattholm,

First it is Brattholm VA-21-M, this boat is 14,98 meters long and build 2018, this boat is fishing with seine, and the boat is pretty unusual because 

this boat has the brigde in the back of the boat, not in the front like most of the 15 meters long boats in Norway have.

The boat has  now fish total of 70 tons this year

Brattholm, Pic Frode Adolfsen

And then we have Brattholm that was build in the year 2016 and is 14,92 meters long,  this boat is fishing with gilnet
and has fish the most of these 6 boats that we look at.

Now this year the boat have fish 504 tons in 84 trips, and that is 6 tons per trip

Brattholm, Pic Roger Solem

Here you can see more about the boats

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Name Length Wide Build Fishing Trips Type
Brattholmen N-34-F 14.74 5.05 1996 205.2 41 Line
Brattholmen T-266-K 9.4 3.1 1987

Brattholmen F-2-HV 14.95 6 2016 344.8 76 Seine
Brattholmen TF-11-T 5.3 1.9 1970

Brattholm VA-21-M 14.98 6.5 2018 70.2 8 Seine
Brattholm M-49-AV 14.92 5 2016 504.1 84 Gilnet