50 years old boat Dagrún HU in huge fishing

gilnet fishing in Iceland has been good now in march ,  and in the first days in April also has been good fishing in gilnet

in Skagaströnd that is in the north in Iceland is a boat name Dagrún HU.  Dagrún HU now 49 years old boat and is  15 meters long and about 25 tons in sice

Eiríkur is the captain of the boat and he went out to fish with just 40 nets 

in the first 10 nets it was full of fish, and the boat went to Skagaströnd with 6 tons in just these 10 nets

they went back out and in the next 10 gilnet they also had full of fish, because it was 5 tons in these 10 nets

out again they went and took the 20 nets and in that was 5,4 tons,

total these 40 nets got 16,3 tons of god for the value of 4,4 millions isl kronas

that is about 25,000 pounds for one day of this 16,3 tons,

this is about 315,000 norsk kronas

Dagrún HU with 7,3 tons pic Guðni  már lýðsson

Dagrún HU  mynd Vigfús Markússon