54 years old boat has fish over 6000 tons this year

In The Faroe Islands are boats that fish cod , haddock, herring and more.

and often this is Pelagic ship.  trawler. line and gillnet boats.

But there is only one boat in The Faroe Islands that is fishing sea skeljar, ore sea scallops

And this boat is pretty interesting,

The boat name is Norðheim FD 795.  Boat is built in Germany in the year 1966 and is then now 54 years old

The boat got the name Norðheim in the year 1974, and therefore the boat has had the same name now for 46 years.

That is pretty interesting and not many boats that have the same name for such a long time, like this 46 years.

Norðheim is 32,2 meters long, and 7,4 meters wide.  it has 600 Bhp Alpha disel engine.

This year the boat has fish over 6000 tons of sea scallops

in total the boats has fish 6416 tons , and this is the only boat in The Faroe Islands that fish sea scallops

Pic Regil Torkilsson