573,000 tons of herring in Norway

In Norway there is what we can call a pelagic fishing, like fishing, capelin, Mackerel, Blue whiting and herring.

Most of the boats and ships in Norway that are fishing these pelagic fishing are fishing herring.

In total the boats that are fishing herring are 224, and also are about 62 boats that are under 12 meters long that are 

fishing herring.

Total herring fishing in Norway is now  573,000 tons ore 573 thousands tons.

Aflafrettir has separate the boats in 7 lengths

Gerda Marie H-365-AV is the ship that has fish the most herring in Norway 9994,7 tons in 23 trips and most 1323,6 tons.

Ligrunn H-2-F is number 2 with 8154,1 tons in 18 trips and most 1154,8 tons.

up to 60 meters length is Andrea L SF-1-V number 1 with 5294,8 tons in 13 trips and most 840,1 tons.

Boats up to 41 metres long, there is Jökul M-108-MD highest and he is with 5232,5 tons in 26 trips and most 401,8 tons

Harto M-61-SÖ is highest up to 33 meters long, and he is with 2756 tons in 15 trips and most 264 tons.

Under 21 meters long is Scombrus R-1-H highest and he is with 1434,1 tons in 20 trips .

Next days here on Aflafrettir then i will put list on this side of the herring boats in Norway.

Scombrus Pic Calum Gray
Scorbrus R-1-H Pic