62 year old boat Idse JR T-11-ST first in Norway

In recent years, it has been the case in Norway that boats fishing herring  leave immediately after the end of each year.

And this January is no exception. because the first boats immediately went to sea on January 2 and the first boat to land herring

was Idse Jr R-11-ST, this boat is 12.99 meters long and came ashore a total of twice on January 2nd.

first at 0212 with 25 tons of herring, and then returned at 0406 with 15 tons of herring.

January 5 was quite large in Norway because a total of 6,300 tons of herring were landed in 53 trips.

most of the boats that do this fishing in early January are small boats or between 10 and 20 meters long

still since the beginning of the year 2022, about 40 thousand tons have come ashore and most of it is herring.

It should be noted that this boat Idse Jr, which was the first in Norway to land herring, was built in 1960 and has a 250 horsepower engine

62 years old boat that was first in Norway to come with herring

Idse Jr pic Sigmund Olsen