7 new small trawlers to Iceland

Renewal of the fishing fleet in Iceland is going on  and recently a construction contract was signed by four companies at the Norwegian shipbuilding station VARD in Norway.

A total of 7 similar small trawlers  will be constructed, all of which are about 29 meters long, which means that they can fish up to 3 miles from land. 

Síldarvinnslan  in Neskaupstaður gets 2 ships and renews Vestmannaey VE and Bergey VE.

Gjögur  at Grenivík and Grindavík receive 2 ships and renews Áskel EA and Vöravör EA.

Skinney Þinganes in Hornafjörður receives 2 ships,

and Akureyrar Útgerðarfélag gets one ship.

all ships will be about 28.95 meters in length and 12 meters wide. The ships will be two main engines with two screws. A new generation of electric games will be on Seaonics orders

will be apartments for 13 people in them and will take about 80 tons of fish,  or about 244 tubs , 460 liters each one.

Computer pic of the 8 ships

Computer pic of new ship for Síldarvinnslan

Computer pic of the new ship for Gjögur

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