80,000 tons of Haddock in Norway.

Few days ago we look at how much cod had been landed in Norway now this year 2020,

But now we are going to look at haddock fishing in Norway from 1.january 2020 to 1.sept.2020.

Now have been landed in Norway about 80,000 tons of haddock ( á íslensku er þetta ýsan)

and it is intersecting to look at top 30 boat and ships that have landed haddock in Norway

Freezer trawler Prestfjord is number one with 1666 tons.

but on the list we have 6 boats that are fishing with seine.

Harhaug I is number one of the seine boats with 1371 tons,

We also have 2 boats that have been fishing with autoline,

and what is most inserting about that is that the boat Valdimar H 

has fish most haddock in Norway about 721 tons.  

but Valdimar H is fishing in Ice, not freezing the fish, and is the only big autoline boat in Norway that is fishing in ice

also Valdimar H came from Iceland and is own by a company in Norway that is own by iceland people

Also here in this list we have 2 ships that are from Russia.    Strelets and Mirakh

seat Name Cod Fishing gear
1 Prestfjord N-445-Ö 1666 Trawler
2 Havstrand M-525-H 1474 Trawler
3 Harhaug I M-94-H 1371 Seine
4 J.Bergvoll T-1-H 1315 Trawler
5 Rowenta N-666-VV 1256 Seine
6 KÅGTIND II T-19-H 1247 Trawler
7 Kamilla Grande N-50-Ö 1246 Seine
8 Hermes F-7-L 1231 Trawler
9 Havbryn M-325-H 1223 Trawler
10 Vesttind N-30-H 1193 Trawler
11 Nordtind N-6-VV 1191 Trawler
12 Kongsfjord TF-50-BD 1162 Trawler
13 Atlantic Star M-111-G 1161 Trawler
14 Gadus Njord N-125-VV 1133 Trawler
15 Atlantic Viking M-68-G 1125 Trawler
16 Volstad M-11-A 1115 Trawler
17 Gadus Neptun F-55-BD 1106 Trawler
18 Genesis M-97-G 1083 Seine
19 Strelets M-269 1072 Trawler Boat from Russia
20 Gadus Poseidon F-32-BD 1062 Trawler
21 Molnes M-69-G 1061 Trawler
22 Granit H-11-AV 1031 Trawler
23 Mirakh MK-381 896 Trawler Boat from Russia
24 Havtind N-10-H 815 Trawler
25 Ramoen M-1-VD 799 Trawler
26 LANGØY N-100-SO 788 Trawler
27 Sara Karin T-20-L 782 Seine
28 Valdimar H F-185-NK 720 Autoline Is fishing in Ice
29 ARNØYTIND T-8-S 714 Seine
30 ØSTERFJORD H-123-AV 674 Autoline

Prestfjord Pic MAgnar Lyngstad

Valdimar H Pic Guðni Ölversson