8500 tons of capelin from Norsk ships

Now, finally for 2 years, a fairly efficient capelin quota has been issued, or about 127 thousand tons,

some of it or about 60 thousand tons go to Norwegian ships.

 Quite a number of Norwegian vessels have been fishing for capelin in the east of Iceland and have done quite well

vessels all use purse seine, because they are not alowd to use trawl.  but Icelandic ships use trawl and then change over

to purse sein

as of this writing, Norwegian vessels have caught about 8500 tonnes of capelin,

most of this catch has been landed in Norway.,

A total of 18 Norwegian vessels have landed capelin after fishing off Iceland, and Gerda Marie has the highest catch with 800 tonnes in one landing.

however, capelin has been landed in Iceland by Norwegian vessels.

Slaateröy brought 110 tons to Neskaupstadur

Fiskebas brought 300 tons to Neskaupstadur

Senior brought 310 tons to Eskifjörður

and Kings Bay brought 460 tons of capelin to Fáskrúðsfjörður and the ship arrived at around 2100 in the evening of February 6 with this catch to


Kings Bay Pic Olav Endre Dronen