Alken SF-217-SU, small boat that fish herring and mackerel

in Iceland, only the big pelagic vessels can catch herring and mackerel,

still in Norway it is not so,

but small boats can also fish  herring and mackerel and some of them are very small,

Here's one that name is Alken SF-217-SU.

This boat is only 9.4 meters long and 3 meters wide and measures 8 tonnes.

it is made in 1982 of plastic and contains 85 horsepower engine,

The boat is made from southern Norway

This year, this little boat has landed a total of 340 tonnes, of which herring is 253 tonnes and mackerel 87 tonnes.

the boat also has a pretty good saithe quota or 318 ton saithe quota,

Alken Pic Nuel Landa

alken Pic Nuel Landa