All 14 crew members with Covid-19

This virus Covid 19, Coronavirus is almost taking over the world

almost every country in the world has now people that have been confirmed to have covid-19.

In Iceland have been confirmed 2601 cases of Covid -19 since 1.march 2020.

Now in september most of the cases have been with people that lives in the Reykjavík area of Iceland.

and the Sailors that are working on the boats and trawlers all around iceland have not had cases of this covid-19.

Until now.

in the town of Grindavík is a boat name Valdimar GK , this boat is a autolineboat and the boat was fishing south of iceland.

Om board the boat are 14 crew members, and the crew started to get sick early in the fishing trip.  At first  it was thought that these were

traditional flu symptoms,  but when more and more people on Valdimar GK started to get sick, 

14 crewmembers 

The boat was send to town of Njarðvík and all the crew members was taken to hospital in Keflavík and there the doctors

found out that all the crew member where infected and are now all in isolation.

the company that own Valdimar GK said that this case shows how difficult it is to deal with infectious diseases in the closeness that 

is on board fishing vessels at sea.  Although all rules were followed, the virus managed to get on board

before lauching and it then spread between all crew members in a very short time.

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Valdijmar GK pic Vigfús Markússon