Almost 18000 tons from 3 small trawlers in Iceland

In Iceland there is a new quota year that starts 1.september and is all the way to 31.agust.

the last season from 1.september 2017 to 31.agust 2018 there was relay good fishing in Iceland and mostly for the trawlers.

Most of the trawlers in Iceland fish in ice.

in Iceland trawlers are in 3 categories.

1. is trawler that can fish up to 3 miles and all of that boat is 29 meters maximum long,

2. is trawler that can fish up to 4 miles and that trawler is maximum 44 meters long

and number 3 is trawler longer than 44 meters long and they have to fish over 12 miles.

the trawler in number 1 fish relay well.

Bergey VE was with 5553 tons in 76 trips,

Vestmanney VE was with 5716 tons in 78 trips,

and the highest one was Steinunn SF,

Steinunn SF is 29 meters long boat and did relay well and was with over 6000 tons,

in total 6570 tons in 103 trips.

in the season from 1.january to 11.mai Steinunn SF fish total of over 3000 tons.

Steinunn SF did most come with 88 tons in one trip.

Steinunn SF pic Vigfús Markússon