Atlantic Star, first trawler over 10.000 tons

Now is the newest list for the trawlers in Norway here on Aflafrettir

and on that list can been seen that the trawler Atlantic Star  is the first trawler in Norway that fish over 10.000 tons this year

Atlantic Star M-111-G was built in the year 1996 and was first in Iceland

there did the trawler have the name Helga RE 49 but was sold 1999 to Norway 

When the trawler was build the trawler was 60 meters long, but in the year 2015  

he was send to Poland to get longer, and is  now 75 meters long,

This year the trawler has been mainly fishing cod, and in the last trip he did really well

trawler came with 1372 tons in one trip, and this fish is head cutted off and frozen

this 1372 tons did came after just 20 days trip and that means about 69 tons per day

that is huge fishing

Atlantic Star Pic Eli Poulsen