Atlantic Star Fishing and total value year 2019

Both in Iceland and the Faroe Islands the Freezer trawlers stop fishing before christmas.

but in Norway some freezer trawlers where fishing over Christmas and new years eve.

In Iceland all the freezer trawlers are fillet freezer trawlers but most of the trawlers in Norway 

only cut the head off the fish and freeze the fish in one peace.  

one of them is the trawler Atlantis Star M-111-G

the trawler   is 75 meters long, and 13 meters wide with 4600 horsepower main engine,

 landings and catch value in 2019.

Total fishing for Atlantic Star  in the year 2019 was 11952 tons.  

And for that the value is 190 million norsk kronas 

that is about 16,2 million pounds

It is worth noting that the skipper of the Atlantic Star is from the Faroe Islands and is Hedin Joensen and has been with the trawler for several years

Atlantic Star Pic Eli Poulsen