Autoliine boat Beta GK did logo in the sea

Now in the year 2020, in a time of great technological change, it is possible to monitor boats and planes at home in the living room, because

both of these devices leave behind a track  that can be tracked

it is very well known when airplanes create a  logo and you can see that like in  

on the other hand, boats do not have as much capacity for it

except until now

the crew of Beta GK from Sandgerði have enjoyed to lay the line down in patterns.

they asked the other day if anyone had an idea for them to make a logo

and I came with idea to make logo for Aflafrettir, and the logo is just  AF.

did not expect them to do it 

still quite amazing, they managed to put an 11 nautical mile long line that is about 18 kilometers long in a sign that is like the sign of Aflafretta

AF, they laid the line out of Héðinsfjörður to the north og Iceland  and will definitely fish well on AF.

see photos below

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Logo AF to the right, and to the left is the logo in the sea after laying out 18 km long line


Pics from Marinetraffic and there the logo AF is in the sea

Beta GK pic Gísl Reynisson