Autoline boats Sandfell SU has fish over 3,1 million euros

Autoline boat Sandfell SU  in Iceland has been fishing good this year 2020.,

the company Loðnuvinnslan in the east of ICeland owns the the boat

Sandfell SU is 30 tons in size

On Sandfell SU are total of 8 men

they works in shift.  2 weeks, then are 4 men on the boat, and other after 2 weeks then they have change

and other 4 crew members come

now the boat has fish over 2000 tons of fish , mostly cod this year

and the total value is over 500 million isl kronas

That is 3,1 million euros

2,7 million pounds

33 million norsk kronas

Sandfell SU pic Gísli Reynisson 

Part of the crew of Sandfell SU with the cake from Loðnuvinnslan