Baldvin Njálsson GK new freezer trawler to Iceland

In a small town of Garður is a company name Nesfiskur. and they got a new freezing trawler.

the trawler replaces an older trawler with the same name and was sold to Russia this summer.

That trawler was also built in the same shipyard as the new trawler,

The new trawler is 65.6 meters long and 16 meters wide

measures 2879 tons and has a 4066 horsepower engine which is 6 cylinders of Wartsila

there are two smaller engine on board from Scania. , the larger one is 810 horsepower and the smaller one is 229 horsepower,

the screw is quite large or 5 meters in diameter and this makes it possible to reduce

the engineroom by 2 cylinders from 8 down to 6, thereby reducing the engine space even enlarging the fish cargo.

the fishing cargo in the ship is on two floors.

There are a total of 30 winds in the ship, of which three are 48 tonne towing winds.

Below are some pictures and in addition a video was taken when the trawler sailed a little circle

from Garður and also a 10 min long video when Baldvin Njálsson GK sailed into Keflavík,

in fact, before this 10 min long video, it's its video at 8x speed of the trawler coming to Keflavík

Pics and video.  Gísli Reynisson