Bárður SH , with 4000 tons in the year 2021

In Iceland for the year 2021.  

there where some boats that did go in more that 200 fishing trips over the year.  and that is from 1-1-2021 to 12-31-2021

One of the boats that went in more that 200 trips was the boat name Bárður SH.

Bárður SH was build in Bredgaard Boats in Rödbyhavn in Denmark.  this boat is made of plastic and is the biggest

boat made of plastic in Iceland.

The boat was finish in the year 2019, and is 26,9 meters long and 7 meters wide

Over the winter Bárður SH has been fishing with net, and then mostly cod.  and after that the boat have been fishing with seine.

but in the year 2021, Bárður SH had a huge year.

because the total fishing was 4060 tons in 229 trips, and that means that is was 17,8 tons in a trip.

Most of this fish was in net, total of 2412 tons in 111 trips, that is 21,7 tons in a trip.

Bárður SH has about 600 tons quota, and rest of the quota for the boat was rented.  

Estimated catch value is about  84,400 norsk kronas

8500 euros

7070 pounds

Bárður SH pic Vigfús Markússon