Ben Hur T-22- BG with almost 800 tons in 2 months

 Now in Norway are many boats that have stop fishing but the lineboats have been fishing good

and also boats that are fishing with seine.

in Norway there are quite a few boats on seine and one of them is Ben Hur T-22-BG

This boat is 20.99 meters long and 9 meters wide. built in 2019.

it has a 1000 horsepower engine,

now since the 1st of may the boat has fished to say the least quite well on seine

because the boat has landed a total of 786 tons in 25 trips or 31 tons in a trip

in May the boat had 323 tons in only 11 trips

 in June the boat had 318 tons in 10 trips

and now in July the boat has landed 145 tons in only 4 trips or 36 tons in landing

the largest trip is almost 50 tons.

of this catch is 366 tonnes of haddock and 195 tonnes of saithe.

The boat has been fishing in northern Norway

Ben Hur Pic Frode Adolfsen