Beta GK 12 meter boat with full boat of fish

fishing in Iceland in January was pretty good

from the town of Sandgerði many smaller lineboats that are from 11 to 14 meters long where fishing and many of them

did come with over 10 tons of fish per day

autoline boats Beta GK that is 15 tons boats, did fish well the last days in January

in 3 trips the boats came with 34,3 tons and that is about 11,4 tons in a trip

biggest trip was the last trip in january

when the boat came with 14,5 tons in one trip

total hooks was 14000 and that is about 33 stamps

ore 440 kilos per stamp

most of the fish in this big trip was cod 

Beta GK with over 14 tons in one trip.  Pic Reynir sveinsson