Big Avalanche in Flateyri. part 2.

Here on yesterday was news about huge  avalanche that came to Flateyri small town in the west of ICeland,

this big avalanche made a big mess in the harbour in Flateyri and total of 6 boats sunk ore are much damage.

only one boat did not damage,   

Here are new pics from the harbor in Flateyri and as can been seen this is huge damages

from Flateyri.  Pic Önundur Pálsson

Here are 4 boats.  2 of them are upside down.  the bigger one is the same boat as on big here down below

Eiðuir ÓF pic Haukur Sigtyggur valdimarsson

Harbour full of snow

Floating dock that is broken

Taken in the night oil tank in the sea