Big Avalanche ore snowflood in Iceland. 6 boats much damage

The weather in Iceland since 1.january 2020 has been what we can say, horrible

it has been storm after storm and it has snow relay much.

In the Westfjords there has been snowing so  much for the last days that the roads all around there 

have been closed for many days  now,

many mountains are in Westfjords in Iceland and they are all  full of snow

now about 2 hours ago three big snow floods ore avalanche

that came down the mountains.  1 came to close to town of Suðureyri where about 400 people lives

but the other 2 came down near the town of Flateyri where about 350 people lives,

one of the avalanche that came to Flateyri made a huge wave that hit the harbor in Flateyri pretty badly

and at least 6 boats are sunk ore are much damage

3 of these boats are about 14 tons in size

1 boat is about 20 tons steelboat

1 boat is about 50 tons steelboat

1 boat is about 70 tons made of oak

Sjávarperlan ÍS in the front and Blossi ÍS in the back

boat to the right is the 70 tons oak boat and the boat to the left is the 20 tons steel boat

Pics from Flateyri.