Big fire in netboat Sólrún EA

In Iceland the biggest town outside Reykjavik is Akureyri, there lives about 24000 people.  close to Akureyri is a much smaller town name Árskógssandur and there live about 250 people,

In that town is a company that was formed 1973 and name is Sólrún hf.  since 1973 the company has own many boats, and the name Sólrún EA has been on many boats in that company.

Sólrún EA that this company own nows has been fishing cod in net, and doing quite well.   this boat that they own now is 15 meters long and 30 tonns,

around clock 1840 12.november then came a big fire in the boat Sólrún EA and firecrews from both Dalvík and Akureyri came to fight with the fire.

that fight took almost 4 hours.

When the boat had cool down the Pétur Sigurðsson that owns the company could look at the boat, and damages are huge.  everything in the front of the boat.  capins for the crew and also alls the device on the brigde got totally damaged.  

Pétur said in contact with that the damaged of the boat are huge, and the insurance company had to go over it and see if the boat is totaly finish ore if it possible to repair the big damaged that this fire did to Sólrún EA.

Sólrún EA pics Pétur Sigurðsson

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