Big fire on boat Veidar M-1-G, 22 crewmember rescued

One of the most difficult things that can happen to fishermen who are far from land is when a fire breaks out on board a boat or trawler that the person in working on

In Iceland there is a boat called Þórsnes SH, that boat was bought to Iceland  a few years ago from Norway and in Norway this boats had the name Veidar

A new Veidar replaced the one who was sold to Iceland and that Veidar was built in 2018.

Yesterday, April 1st, Veidar was fishing about 35 nautical miles from the north of Norway when they sent a notification to the Norwegian Coast Guard at 2025 norsk time

that a fire had broken out on board the boat. there was a crew of 22 on board.

and at 2125 the patrol ship Andenes arrives at the place and on board the situation is controlled, even more bad weather was there.

about 17 to 20 meters per second.

2145 the patrol ship Bison arrives and a rescue helicopter arrives.

2200 then 14 people from Veidar are hoisted aboard the helicopter and taken to Lekness.

due to weather conditions, helicopters had a very difficult time operating

There where 8 people on board who work with smokers to put out the fire on the fire with help from crew from Andenes, om board in Andenes where smokedivers

at 02:00 the fire fight is still working in the boat and on board are the 8 who are on Veiðar with men from Andenes.

around  0400 they managed to put out the fire still there is still a lot of heat on board Veidar, and Veidar's 8 man crew went over to Andenes, still Bison took Veidar in tow

and the plan was to drag Veidar into the shallow sea to make sure that there was no fire in Veidar before Veidar would be pulled to harbour

at the time of writing it is not known why the fire broke out or how much damage was done.

Torfinn Ulla said that it was a real nightmare to be ashore and know that there was a fire in the boat because they were so far out, still very relieved that they managed to save the boat's crew.


Veidar in tow from Bison, and behind is Andenes

Andenes Pic Steffen G. Karoliussen

Bison Pic Magnar Lyngstad

Veidar pic Kristoffer Tomasen