Big gilnet fishing in Sandgerði in Iceland.

gilnet boat that have been fishing out from town of Sandgerði in Iceland.   have been fishing so much last days that 

some of the boats have to go out 2 times to finish taking all the gilnets.

Here are some pic from the day 26.feb.2020

Sunna Líf GK came with almot 7 tons in just 30 gilnets and he had to go back out again to take 20 more gilnet he left in sea

Halldór Afi GK was with about 8 tons in just 40 gilnets

Hraunsvík GK came with about 8 tons in just 30 nets.

Bergvík GK came with about 6 tons in just 20 nets, and on Bergvík GK is only one person on the boat

Sunna Líf GK with trip number 1, and he had to go back out again because he had 20 gilnets in sea

Sunna Líf GK

Halldór Afi GK 

Hraunsvík GK

Hraunsvík GK

Sunna Líf GK

Bergvík GK
Pics Gísli Reynisson