Bigboats in Norway year 2021, nr.19

List number 19.

From 1-1-2021 to 12-1-2021

Here we have new update of the list that aflafrettir came with yesterday.  there where new fishing datas that came

and that means that now have 4 boats fish over 4000 tons in Norway. 

Atlantic is still on the top and he has been fishing with both autoline and seine, ore snurrecad

Geir has now fish over 4000 tons,

but under that are at least 2 boats that can fish over 4000 tons,

Vonar and Nesbakk

Geir Pic frode adolfsen

SeatSeat beforeNameLengthFishingTripsMost tn in tripType
11Atlantic M-1-A644792.612649,Autoline, Snurrevad
22Loran M-12-G514793.014557Autoline and Gillnet
35Veidar M-1-G554267.012737autoline and Gillnet
43Geir M-123-A634054.09659.Autoline
56Nesbakk M-71-G443920.010602.Autoline
64Vonar M-88-SÖ493894.09666autoline and Gillnet
711Leinebris M-505-HÖ583616.09616.Autoline
88Fröyanes Junior SF-4-S513391.09615.Autoline
912Vestkapp SF-6-S513358.08626.Autoline
107Seir M-104-H533252.09479.Autoline
1110Fjellmöy SF-90-S443135.09494autoline and Gillnet
129Veststeinen SF-20-B463100.09529.Autoline
1313O.Husby M-161-AV512976.010412.Autoline
1415Vestliner SF-15-S472744.011423.Autoline
1514Sjövær SF-6-A392743.416273autoline and Gillnet
1617Koralhav M-406-H392589.99368.Autoline
1716Rolf Ásbjörn T-2-LK422553.010306.Autoline
1823Kap Farvel M-206-A462521.09352.Autoline
1920Koralen M-111-AV432411.210348.Autoline
2018Breivik Junior SF-60-F342146.414241Autoline and Gillnet
2121Fiskenes M-40-SA592086.28305autoline and Gillnet
2219Skjongholm SF-7-F341947.415197garn
2322Trygve B TF-60-NK381667.89240.Autoline
2424Nesejenta AG-1-LS321416.77458Garn, Seine