Bigboats in Norway year 2021, nr.20

List number 20

from 1-1-2021 to 12-19-2021

good fishing on this list and now have 2 boats fish over 5000 tons,

Loran was with 647 tons and with that is now number 1 in Norway

Atlantic with 487 tons in 1 trip

Geit 581 tons in 1

Veststeinen 487 tons in 1
Seir 288 tons in 1

Rolf Asbjorn 211 tons in 1
Vestliner 148 tons in 1

Skjongholm 67,3 tons in 1

Trygve  B 148 tons in 3 trips, and this is fish in ice.  

Trygve B Pic Hlynur F

SeatSeat beforeNameLengthFishingTripsMost tn in tripType
12Loran M-12-G515406.615557Autoline and Gillnet
21Atlantic M-1-A645279.613649,Autoline, Snurrevad
34Geir M-123-A634635.910659.Autoline
43Veidar M-1-G554267.012737autoline and Gillnet
56Vonar M-88-SÖ494265.510666autoline and Gillnet
65Nesbakk M-71-G443920.010602.Autoline
77Leinebris M-505-HÖ583616.09616.Autoline
812Veststeinen SF-20-B463587.710529.Autoline
910Seir M-104-H533540.410479.Autoline
108Fröyanes Junior SF-4-S513391.09615.Autoline
119Vestkapp SF-6-S513358.08626.Autoline
1211Fjellmöy SF-90-S443276.010494autoline and Gillnet
1313O.Husby M-161-AV512976.010412.Autoline
1417Rolf Ásbjörn T-2-LK422764.011306.Autoline
1514Vestliner SF-15-S472744.011423.Autoline
1615Sjövær SF-6-A392743.416273autoline and Gillnet
1716Koralhav M-406-H392589.99368.Autoline
1818Kap Farvel M-206-A462521.09352.Autoline
1919Koralen M-111-AV432411.210348.Autoline
2020Breivik Junior SF-60-F342146.414241Autoline and Gillnet
2121Fiskenes M-40-SA592086.28305autoline and Gillnet
2222Skjongholm SF-7-F342014.716197garn
2323Trygve B TF-60-NK381815.812240.Autoline
2424Nesejenta AG-1-LS321493.37858Garn, Seine
2525Österhav VL-7-AV391207.06259.Autoline
2626Valdimar H F-185-NK38888.01972.2.Autoline