Blængur NK with more than 3.million euros

In Iceland there are now about 14 trawlers that freeze the fish.  most of the freezer trawler cut the fish into fillets.

Some of them go all the way to the Barents sea for fishing and when they do that they are mostly fishing cod.

One of the oldest trawlers in Iceland now is Blængur NK.  he was build in the year 1973 but has been often rebuild.  like in the year 2018.

Blængur NK went to fish in the Barents sea and in total the trip was 40 days long,

of that was 8 days of sailing back and from ICeland.  

Blængur NK came with 1446 tons in one trip.  and of that was cod 1314 tons and 103 tons of haddock

value of the trip was in total 512 million isl kronas

that is about 3,2 million euros

2,9 million pounds

and 34,7 million norsk kronas

salary for each crew member was good about 5,5 million isl kronas for each crew member

that is about 34854 euros

31731 pounds 

and 373,000 norsk krona

Blængur NK pic