Boat number one in Ireland

Iceland compare to Ireland is a big fishing nation.   in the year 2015 total of 1,3 million tonns where landed in Iceland of fish.  and in Ireland there was only 235 thousand tonns landed.

That is not so much fishing per boat.  because in Ireland there is 1997 boats in total of all sise.    In Iceland total boats is about 1500 .

i have the list of the boats in Ireland and the first boat there on the list has realy strange name,

because the boat name is A LA Garde De Dieu.  ore French name.  In English this mean Guard of the gods.

This boat is a small trawler and is 23 meter long and is 128 tonns.  has 405 horsepower engine.    this boat was build 1987.

Pic Stephan R

Pic Tony Muldoon

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