Boats from 20 to 21.99 m in

List number 4
 from 1-1-2024 to 5-5-2024

Three boats have caught over 600 tons

and on this list Arvikssand was with 153 tons in 18 trips

Lofotværing II 202 tons in 10 trips and most 50 tons in one trips

Risvik 151 tons in 11 trips
Ida Theese 185 tons in 14 trips

Börnes 92 tons in 5 trips

and we got new name on the list, and that is Forröy 2 T-76-L.  this boat was build 1990, and had the name Wikeröy before

Forröy 2 Before Storvig, Pic Frode Adolfsen

SeatSeat before
LengthFishingTripsMost tn in tripType
11Ke-to N-1-VV20704.72950.9Seine
22Andopsværing F-43-BD21649.82674.2Seine
33Arviksand T-221-T20622.24221.8Line
410LOFOTVÆRING II N-64-V20503.33150.1seine
57Ben Hur T-22-BG20456.62333.1Seine
68Bakke Jr M-101-AV20440.63320.9Line
714Risvik F-153-LB20420.42644.4Trawl
816Ida Therese T-40-T20407.93623.5Seine
94Gunnar Jarl N-14-Ö20407.23032.7Seine
106Keipnes T-80-LK20404.32138.7Seine
115Hallvardson T-501-LK20362.82820.6Seine
1213Josberg N-1-F20343.13824.3gilnet
1315Tennesværing TF-37-SE20318.91732.3Seine
149Norbanken F-2-B21316.81247.1Line
1517Börnes F-22-NK20309.61649.4Seine
1619Angelsen Senior N-200-F20299.94214.1Gilnet
1711Tindskjær N-111-VR20298.33318.6gilnet
1812Sandvær N-165-MS20289.54712.8gilnet
1920Ingvardson F-95-H20281.63213.2Seine
2021Grotle SF-88-B20277.32146.2Line
2124Soya F-100-B20262.81832.1Seine
2225Andöyfisk N-30-A20211.92614.6Seine
2318Gerhard Jakobsen N-123-F20211.81740.4Seine
2426Havbratt I N-44-A20201.42815.8Seine
2522Ann Brita N-298-MS21195.44412.7gilnet
2623Roholmen N-105-VV21190.81826.5Seine
2729Lysböen II N-32-F20182.62217.2Seine
2828GRØNTVEDT TR-169-Ö20155.12514.3gilnet
2927MIKKELSEN N-14-B20129.51915.8gilnet
3030Anna-Sofie N-19-MS2091.5364.3Seine
3131KNAGEN TF-42-SE2052.8614.3gilnet
3233Andenesværing TF-81-HD2045.9283.9Seine
3332Lillevig AG-3-A2126.9114.5Shrimp
FORRØY 2 T-76-L2015.445.2Gilnet
3534Birgerson T-52-T216.280.5Crabs

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