Christian í Grótinu and Trándur í Götu in the Faroe Islands

A news item was published here on Aflafrettir  yesterdayabout a new ship coming to replace Tránd in götu

At least it said in the news,

still received quite a few suggestions from both Icelanders and Faroese fishermen that I had confused the 2 ships. 

Christan in Grótið and Trándur í götu. 

this is because the gear broke very badly in Tránd í göty and Gitte Henning 1 from Denmark ( not Christan í Grótinu )

came in place of that ship,

today it Gitte Henning has the name Götunes.

That ship is 89.85 meters long and 17.82 meters wide

on the other hand, the new construction is replacing Christian in Grótinu

The current Christan in Grótið was built in 2002 and is therefore not that old. is 83.8 meters long and 14.6 meters wide

The new ship, which will be launch  in early 2022, will be 89.35 meters long and 18 meters wide.

the cost of a ship will be around ISK 6.7 billion,

That is about 40,3 million euros

36,2 million pounds

428 million norsk kronas

now this confusion should at least be corrected and Aflafrettir apologizes for this confusion,

New Christan í Grótinu

Old Christian í Grótinu,  Pic Larry Smith

Götunes .  Before Gitte Henning, Pic Mark Stephen