Covid in giant ship Annelies Ilena

There are several giant freezer ships in Europe and one of them is Annelies Ilena which was built in 2000, and this ship is pretty big.

the ship is 145.6 meters long, 24 meters wide and has 3 engines on board. a total of 19300 horsepower. the largest engine is 9700 horsepower.

The fish cargo  in this giant ship takes 7 thousand tons of frozen products and has about 350 tons of freezing capacity per day

This giant ship is now in the port of Ijmuiden in the Netherlands, but there is a crew of 60 on board and it was taken in search of whether

that there was someone with covid symptoms on board and it turned out that half of the crew or 30 people are infected with covid

Diederik Parlevliet, the owner of the ship, said that nobody will go off the ship.  The ship had been fishing around shetland islands

and when the ship arrived in the Netherlands this Monday, some of the crew on board complained that they were weak and sick,

The entire crew of 60 people will be on board for 5 days, and those who are ill are kept separate from the other 30 who do not have covid

the morale in the ship is good as there is plenty of space for everyone and the company ensures that everyone gets food and drink while they stay on the ship

the catch of the vessel has been landed from the vessel, which was mostly mackerel and the vessel is registered in Poland,

It should be noted that the vessel has been fishing in Irish waters and many fishermen there are not quite happy that this giant vessel is fishing there.

Annelies Ilena Pic J. Marichal