Crew of Steinunn HF in danger in big storm

November 25, 2020. the first big storm hit Iceland this autumn

Many boats
in Sandgerði, about 20 boats went to sea late in the evening of November 24 and during the night.

all the boats came to Sandgerði between one and just over 4 o'clock that day.

Catch reports were in Sandgerði and in a conversation with fishermen there, people were worried about one boat

because she was going to pull something off the line and the bad weather was coming.

 Steinunn HF
one of the boats that went to sea was Steinunn HF. She went to sea at 3 o'clock at night, still as the day wore on

then the crew had slowed down to draw the line because they got into a bit of trouble.

When they finally managed to draw the whole line, the weather started to get very bad.

The plan is to go to Hafnarfjörður

The plan was to go to Hafnarfjörður and set off at around 1600 on the way home. when the boat  arrived at Garðskagi around 1700

then the weather had become so bad that it was impossible to go to Hafnarfjörður and so a decision was made to sail to Keflavík,

the weather had become very bad, winds to the south east and the winds to blow more than 26 to 30, meters per second

likewise the wave height had become quite high,

All crew on the bridge

All the crew prepared themselves in the bridge on the boat wherw 4 crew  members.

 Everyone had a buoyancy aid at hand ready in case something should happen

There was a lot going on on the way home and the big waves went over the boat. it saved a lot that at the front of Steinunn HF's is a 

breakwater  and he made sure that the wave did not manage to hit the bridge. still one wave  managed to break into the middle window of the boat

and started leaking in, as well as leaking through the top hatch into the hatch .. The windscreen did not break.

At the bottom you can see a picture of the track on Steinunn HF, but a lot went on and the route was not straight at all.

 over 3 hours of struggle

The sailing from Garðskagi to Keflavík took about 3 and a half hours and the average speed was about 3 to 4 nautical miles all this way,

one of the crew that Aflafrettir spoke to said that they where  completely unsure that they would reach land.

but fortunately they managed to get into port and there were 9 tons of fish on board.

A video was taken after they arrived in Keflavík 

Track of the boat