Ex Fröyanes sold to Iceland, now Kristrún RE

In Iceland there is a company that name is Fiskkaup. since the year of 2008 has had

boat that name is Kristrún RE.  that boat has been fishing with autoline and since 2018 only been 

fishing greenland halibut and that fish is frozen on the boat

but now the company has bought a new boat,  and that boat came from Norway.

New boat was build in the year of 2001 and first name was Fröyanes,  but since 2007 the boat got the name Argos Fröyanes.

the new boat has now the name Kristrún RE and is 48,8 meters long and 11 m wide.

old Kristrún RE is 47,7 meters long and 9 meters wide

Pics Gísli Reynisson