Fay M-27-AV

Now are some boats fishing out from Norway 

and one of the boat  that are fishing now today is new boat name is Fay M-27-AV

Fay was build in the year 2018 and is 20,99 meters long and 10 meters wide

he has 999 hp engine om board and the engine is Yanmar

This boat is build to fish with gilnet and also has autoline om board, that can take 60.000 hooks

owner is Kenfish II AS in Kristiansund.

Now this year 2019 that boat has fish total of 770 tons of saithe, cod and haddcock,  most of this is cod ore 535 tons.,

Now in Desember Fay has fish in the last 4 trips total of 78,6 tons and most 28,7 tons in one trip,

most of that is cod and haddcock

Fay Pic Stadyard

Fay Pic Leif M Andersen