Freezer trawler Öfrisey RE with over 9 million euros

this winter a few freezer trawlers from Iceland went fishing in the Barents sea

e.g. Sólberg ÓF, Sólborg RE, Blængur NK, Arnar HU

And then ÖRfrisey RE.

Örfrisey RE actually went on two tours up there and it is safe to say that both tours went extremely well,

Örfirsey RE came ashore with 1111 tonnes and a catch value of ISK 624 million
that is 4,4 million euros
3,8 million pounds
45,7 million norsk kronas

in that trip Arnar H Ævarsson was captain with Örfrisey RE and landed the ship in Vopnafjörður,

there was a crew change and Ævar Smári Jóhannsson and his crew took over the ship,

and the ship arrived in Reykjavík this early in May and with a full load or 1331 tons,

of which the cod was about 921 tons. still the ship ended the trip in Icelandic waters and then had an additional 211 tons of saithe.

The trip went very well and was 39 days long and includes a cruise to the Barents Sea which takes a total of 8 days

and therefore the fishing days were 31. This is about 43 tons per day. and the last 5 days were taken in Iceland, where among other things the saithe was taken

The catch value was very good or ISK 680 million.
4,86 million eurors
4,15 million pounds
49,7 million norsk kronas

In total, these two trips have made 2442 tons and the catch value 1.3 billion ISK

9,26 million eurors
8 million pounds
94,7 million norsk krona

that makes about 534 ISK per kilo

Örfrisey RE pic Jóhann Ragnarsson