Freezer trawler Sólborg RE with over 4 million euros in one trip

It is certain that during the winter, several freezer trawlers from Iceland go fishing in the Barnetssea but this is by agreement with the Norwegians, they fish for capelin in Icelandic waters.

and instead from Icelanders fishing for cod in the barnetssea

several trawlers went fishing there, e.g. Sólberg ÓF, Arnar HU and Sólborg RE all from Iceland. 

Arnar HU came to Sauðárkrókur with 859 tons, of which cod was 740 tons, and his catch value was a total of 

465 million ISK,

That is about 3,2 million euros
2,7 million pounds
31,3 million norsk kronas

it is about 541 ISK per kilo in average price,
That is 3,78 euro per kilo
3,16 pounds per kilo
36,43 norsk kronas per kilo

Sólborg RE
Sólborg RE had a pretty good trip up north

because the Trawler was fishing for a total of 39 days and came ashore with a full load or 1055 tons,

this makes about 27 tons per day. still keep in mind that it takes 4 days to sail up there and so let's deduct 8 days

so that there is 31 days left which is considered to be the fishing days of Sólborg RE, then the catch is about 34 tons per day,

Útgerðarfélag Reykjavíkur owns Sólborg  RE and that company is not at all unaccustomed to sending its freezer vessels there to Barnetssea because for years it went

the old trawler Kleifaberg RE there and usually made a really good trip there.

The trip at Sólborg RE was also very good because the catch value was a total of 580 million ISK.

That is about 4,05 million euros
3,38 million pounds
39,1 million norsk kronas

that makes about 549 ISK in average price or something similar to Arnar HU.

Of the catch at Sólborg RE, 909 tonnes were cod

Sólborg RE pic Vigfús Markússon

Arnar HU pic Vigfús Markússon