Freezer trawler Vigri RE , over 10.000 tons

The fishing season this year 2018 is almost over now in Iceland,

and the fishing for the freezer trawlers have been relay good t his year.

not total of 8 freezer trawlers have fish over 9000 tons,

and three of them have fish over ten thousands tons 

Freezer trawler Vigri RE that is 67 meters long and 13 meters wide and 1300 tons,  build in Norway 1992

Vigri RE came to Iceland some days ago with 1044 tons in one trip, mostly cod 

and with this fishing the total fishing for Vigri RE for this year is the over 

ten thousands tons, in total of 10213 tons,

this is  a new record for Vigri RE, because Vigri RE have never fish over 10.000 tons per one year

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Vigri RE pic Ársæll  Baldvinsson